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Hardwood Flooring in Wasilla, Alaska

Few floors offer the same level of natural beauty as real hardwood. Hardwood works with any interior decor with its unique visuals and characteristic elegance. Not to mention, it can make rooms look more expansive, and it’s hypoallergenic. With proper care, natural wood flooring can last for decades - potentially for the life of your home, and it generally raises the value of your property. If you are considering upgrading to hardwood flooring, you can turn to the experts at Wrucks Carpet One Floor & Home. We have the best wood flooring options in Wasilla, Alaska, and the surrounding region.



Hardwood Species & Styles

One of the first options you’ll notice when you shop for hardwood floors is that there are many different species to choose from. Each species exhibits different shades, grain patterns, and hardness levels. Some even subtly change color as they age. You’ll also notice certain products have special certifications that mark they came from a sustainably managed forest. Here are some of the hardwood species we proudly carry:


  • Maple

  • Birch

  • Hickory

  • Cherry

  • Oak

  • Bamboo

  • Cork


Beyond species, you’ll also find a variety of hardwood plank styles. These styles are defined by the color, texture, gloss level of the finish, the width and length of the plank, the use of beveled edges, and other key characteristics. For example, if you’re looking for a farm-style hardwood floor, you can opt for an extra-wide dark wood plank with weathered textures and a matte finish. Our experts will give you tips on how the styles change the aesthetic of any room in your home.




Solid Vs. Engineered Hardwood

The lifestyle you live can significantly impact the flooring in your home, so it is good to have options for hardwood. Hardwood flooring typically comes in two main constructions: solid and engineered. These two types of wood flooring may look and feel very alike, but there are some significant differences. Learn more about their differences:


  • Solid hardwood flooring is made of planks usually ¾” thick, so they can be refinished multiple times through the decades. Solid wood is made from a single, solid piece of wood. In many cases, solid wood floors are designed to last the life of your home. We recommend installing your solid hardwood flooring in above-grade and non-moisture-prone rooms. Ensure your home has proper humidity levels through the dry winter, so planks don’t become brittle and prone to gapping and cracking.


  • Engineered hardwood flooring is made from three to seven layers of composite wood, with a natural hardwood veneer at the surface. The special layering means that the wood grains run in different directions, counteracting the wood’s tendency to expand and contract in humid or moist conditions. As such, engineered hardwood is more durable than solid hardwood. Engineered hardwood offers greater installation versatility, and it can be installed below or above ground.




Where To Install Wood Flooring

Engineered hardwood floors are a great choice in our Alaskan climate because of their dimensional stability, and you have more versatility regarding where to install them. For instance, solid hardwood is only recommended for above-grade rooms with no moisture exposure. In contrast, engineered wood can be installed on any levels in your home, and it can even go in kitchens, hallways, and mudrooms. Plus, some engineered wood floors can be installed over underfloor heating!


For areas of your home that is more moisture-prone, we recommend installing waterproof hardwood flooring. We carry Hydrotek, a 100% waterproof hardwood collection from Carpet One. Hydrotek hardwood has a thin veneer and a vinyl sublayer, making the floors water-tight for even moisture-prone rooms.





Our Hardwood Selection

Wrucks Carpet One Floor & Home in Wasilla offers a great selection of hardwood flooring. We carry many of the best hardwood brands, including Rustic River and Invincible Hardwood, both Carpet One exclusives! We also carryDANSK engineered hardwood floors. These are known for their super-strong core construction, which provides premium stability and water resistance. We’re your local hardwood store! To browse our flooring samples, visit our showroom and meet with our team! We proudly serve Wasilla, Matanuska Borough, and all of Central Alaska.





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Take Care Of Your Hardwood Flooring


Hardwood can last for the life of your home and beyond if properly cared for. Learn more about maintaining your new floors.





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