Wood Tile

Add the natural looks of wood to areas with moisture

Wood Look Tile

Wrucks Carpet One is your neighborhood expert when it comes to tile flooring. We offer a great selection of tiles from Surface Art, so we certainly have styles and designs to fit your every need. Be sure to visit our Wasilla, AK store to get started on that home project!

One of the most popular questions we hear about tiles is this: Do you offer tile that looks like wood? To put it plainly, we most certainly do! We offer a variety of wood look tile options from Surface Art. Each option offers authentic, real-life looks that are perfect for home settings.

Wood tile is becoming more and more popular in homes mainly because it combines the looks of hardwood with the performance of tile. In other words, although the tiles look like wood, they are water and heat resistant like regular tiles. Homeowners love having the opportunity to add the natural character of wood to kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and other areas where hardwood simply isn’t an option.

Moreover, given advancements in technology, manufacturers such as Surface Art are able to offer truly authentic wood looks within their tile selections. It’s no surprise that, at first glance, wood tile is virtually indistinguishable from hardwood! Plus, there are so many different wood looks to choose from, so whether you prefer maple or oak, there’s a style to suit your needs.