Waterproof Flooring

Don't let moisture get in the way of choosing a stylish floor!

Invincible H2O

waterproof flooring Wasilla, AK

Don’t let moisture get in the way of choosing a new and stylish floor! Visit Wrucks Carpet One in Wasilla, AK to check out our selection of waterproof flooring options. One of our featured waterproof flooring brands is Invincible H2O.

Invincible H2O is a luxury vinyl plank option that looks and feels exactly like real wood. These wood looks are definitely authentic, and it’s sometimes difficult to discern between Invincible H2O and real hardwood! But, because of its special construction, Invincible H2O is much more durable than hardwood. It is 100% waterproof, so moisture will never move past the surface. Any spills therefore can easily be wiped up without any long-term consequences. This moisture resistance is important not only because it keeps the floor clean and dry; it also protects against harmful mold and mildew.

In addition, Invincible H2O has a cork foundation that provides extra softness and comfort. What this means is that, compared to hardwood, Invincible H2O is warm and comfortable underfoot. Plus, given cork’s natural ability to muffle noise, the cork foundation prevents noisy foot traffic.

Like other luxury vinyl flooring options, Invincible H2O has a locking system for installation. With this system, the vinyl planks lock together and seem to float over the subfloor without the need of an adhesive. Also, the cork foundation makes it possible to install Invincible H2O over most existing subfloors, including those that are uneven.

To learn more about Invincible H2O, be sure to visit our Wasilla, AK store today. Invincible H2O is specially-made for Carpet One by US Floors, so we are one of the only stores in the area to offer a selection!