Pental Quartz

High-quality quartz countertops from Pental

Why Choose Pental Quartz?

If you’re looking to update or renovate your kitchen, Wrucks Carpet One in Wasilla, AK has you covered with a great selection of kitchen countertops. We, for example, offer many different quartz countertops options, including the full line from Pental Quartz. Why should you choose Pental Quartz for your kitchen setting?

Pental quartz countertops are perfect for kitchens because they are much more durable than natural granite countertops. Pental countertops, for example, are manufactured in Italy, and they are composed of natural quartz and high-quality polymer resins. As a result, Pental quartz countertops are resistant to most scratches and all stains, and they are also considered non-porous. This means that moisture will never seep into the surface.

In addition, Pental Quartz manufactures its countertops so that they have a consistent color and pattern from top to bottom. Any surface blemishes will therefore not be noticeable.

What about style? Pental Quartz offers the natural style that you’d come to expect from quartz countertops. In fact, some of these styles even rival natural granite. There are 3 different collections from which you can choose: Inspire, Natural, and Classic. Fortunately, all of these collections are available through our store.

Although Pental Quartz slabs are popular on countertops, they also can be installed on floors, walls, backsplashes, and even in showers. To learn more about Pental Quartz’s applications, be sure to work with one of our talented designers!

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