Our Luxury Vinyl Selection

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Our Selection of Luxury Vinyl


No flooring type seems to be growing in popularity more quickly than luxury vinyl flooring.  Luxury vinyl flooring combines premium style, durability, and comfort to offer a floor that is perfect for any room in the house.  We at Wrucks Carpet One are proud to offer wide selection of luxury vinyl from brands such as Mohawk, Shaw, EZ Lay, and Nouveax.  Be sure to visit our Wasilla, AK store to learn more about luxury vinyl and to check out our selection first hand.


Mohawk luxury vinyl flooring is stain and water resistant, easy to clean, and comfortable underfoot.  It is therefore suitable for all residential settings.  Also, Mohawk offers a patented installation system that does not require any adhesive.


Shaw offers tremendous design versatility with its luxury vinyl flooring.  In fact, there are hundreds of style and color combinations!  Shaw also offers multiple installation options as well as long-lasting strength and stability.

EZ Lay

Unlike Mohawk and Shaw, EZ Lay only offers luxury vinyl flooring.  It emphasizes looks and durability, and EZ Lay floors are easy to install.  EZ Lay floors can be installed over most subfloors.     


Nouveax luxury vinyl floors are reinforced with a special top layer and a wood and plastic core.  The top layer protects against scratches and spills, and the core offers stability and comfort.