Luxury Vinyl Flooring

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Advantages of Luxury Vinyl

luxury vinyl flooring Wasilla, AK

What makes luxury vinyl flooring one of the fastest-growing flooring categories? Take a look at some of its important advantages to see for yourself!

Natural Appearance

Luxury vinyl flooring is specially-made to look exactly like real hardwood and stone. In fact, many luxury vinyl styles feature embossed-in-register technology on the surface, so they even feel like hardwood or stone! For truly authentic wood looks, be sure to check out vinyl plank flooring. The individual vinyl planks are virtually indistinguishable from real wood planks.

Moisture Resistance

Unlike hardwood, luxury vinyl flooring is water resistant. Moisture will never seep through the surface, so any spills can simply be wiped away without any long-term consequences. Also, most luxury vinyl floors have inner waterproof cores that prevent the planks and tiles from expanding or contracting under moist conditions. Consequently, luxury vinyl flooring is suitable, and even preferred, for kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and other areas with moisture.

Comfort Underfoot

Given its resilient construction, luxury vinyl flooring is rather flexible. Furthermore, almost all luxury vinyl floors have special inner layers that are made from soft materials such as cork. As a result, luxury vinyl is relatively soft underfoot compared to wood and stone, and it remains warm to the touch as well. It’s perfect for those who like to walk with bare feet!

Installation Options

For the most part, luxury vinyl floors feature straightforward installations that most skilled DIYers can handle. Many newer styles actually will “float” over the subfloor without any special adhesive. The planks or tiles simply click and lock together. Other luxury vinyl options do feature glue-down installations, and they are typically less time-consuming than hardwood and tile installations.

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We offer exclusive brands such as Invincible LVT, Invincible H2O, and Earthscapes, as well as Mannington Adura, COREtec, and Northwest Trends.