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Benefits of Laminate

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Hardwood floors are noted for their beauty and luxury, but they aren’t perfect for every setting. In areas with heavy foot traffic, for example, laminate wood flooring is more appropriate. Laminate wood flooring looks real hardwood, but it is definitely more stable, durable, and affordable.

Laminate’s increased stability and durability stem from its layered construction. The top layer is called the wear layer, and it is specially designed to resist scratches, scruffs, and indentations. It is much stronger than hardwood’s surface, even when the hardwood is finished. Laminate’s next layer is called the decorative layer, and it includes a high definition image of wood. This layer gives laminate its natural wood appearance. The third layer, the core layer, is made from fiberboard that is saturated in resin, so it provides extra stability. The base layer is last, and it creates a bottom barrier to limit the effects of moisture.

There are two installation options with laminate: glue-down and click. With the glue-down method, the laminate planks are glued to the subfloor as if they were real wood. The click method is simpler and quicker, as the laminate planks perfectly click together and seem to float over the subfloor. No matter which installation option is required, it’s best to rely on a professional installer.

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