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flooring installation Wasilla, AK

We at Wrucks Carpet One consider ourselves to be experts in flooring installation. We know how to install laminate flooring, how to install hardwood floors, and even how to install vinyl and carpet. In fact, it’s safe to say that we can install every flooring option! So, if you can’t figure out that hardwood floor installation or if you need help installing laminate flooring, give us a call or visit our Wasilla, AK showroom today.

What sets us apart from other flooring stores in the area is our emphasis on in-house installers. Many other stores rely on subcontractors to install customers’ floors, but this is often problematic since subcontractors do not actually work for the store.  Quality control can become an issue, since the store is sometimes unable to guarantee that the installers are properly trained and experienced.  Also, if the customer has an issue with the installation, it's difficult to determine whether or not the store or the subcontractors are responsible.

Wrucks Carpet One, however, only uses our own in-house flooring installers. We can ensure that these installers are all properly trained, so we can pretty much guarantee a successful install. Plus, since the installers do work for our store, we will stand by our customer’s side every step of the way! If there ever is a question about the specific installation, we’ll be able to help. With our team of highly-skilled and trained installers, you can rest easy knowing that your new floor will be properly installed!