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What are the Different Types of Cabinets?

Base cabinets are the beginning blueprint of a floor plan in your kitchen and take the burden of everyday activities. They are mounted to the floor and support your countertops and everything else that is on top. Most kitchen islands are made of base cabinets that are combined and installed on site.

Wall cabinets got their name because they are mounted to the wall. The design flexibility is almost endless, you can choose different heights, custom depth, multiple widths, and different door options, and really the possibilities are endless. You can combine base and wall cabinets to make an accent wall that stores cookware and cookbooks or whatever else you’d need.

Tall cabinets go from your floor to ceiling. Tall cabinets are also sometimes called a pantry and can provide as much as 4 cubic feet or even more for storage. From small to big appliances, a pantry can store a lot, and tall utility cabinets can be made to fit large appliances.


Our Cabinet Selection

Wrucks Carpet One Floor & Home in Wasilla, AK is your local home design center, so we are happy to offer a selection of quality home products such as cabinets. Cabinets are extremely popular in home settings because they can add both style and function to any room. They, for example, offer wood’s natural appearance and character, and they also can provide easy access to household items and appliances.

Cabinets, as you can imagine, are most popular in kitchens and bathrooms. Both kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets are available in wood or synthetic constructions, and for the most part, they are all relatively similar. Kitchen cabinets, however, tend to be more expansive because kitchen settings are usually larger than bathroom settings.

As part of our cabinet selection, we offer Homecrest and Medallion. Both Homecrest and Medallion offer a great selection of high-quality cabinets, so we are pleased to offer the full lines. Be sure to click on the links below to learn more.

Homecrest  |  Medallion

Your Local Experts

Not only do we have quality cabinets in our showroom; we also offer design and installation services. Our experts, for example, will help you choose the best cabinets for your particular setting, and we’ll take price, style, and function into consideration. And, after you choose your cabinets, we’ll make sure that they are built and installed properly. We can handle any accommodations! Looking to take on a larger project in your kitchen or bathroom? Be sure to learn about our available countertop options.

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