Northwest Trends Alki

High-performing laminate that's perfect for residential settings

Ultra-Durable Laminate 

Alki laminate from Northwest Trends is without a doubt one of the best-performing laminate flooring options available today. It takes the natural appearance of hardwood and combines it with premium resistance against moisture and foot traffic. As a result, Alki is suitable for most areas in the home, including kitchens and laundry rooms.

How does Alki laminate handle moisture? It has a unique AtroGuard core that is totally water resistant. This core prevents the laminate planks from immediately expanding or contracting when exposed to humidity or moisture. In fact, because of the AtroGuard core, the laminate planks can actually resist moisture for up to 72 hours! So, any spills or splashes can be wiped up without long-term consequences. Furthermore, because Alki laminate can handle moisture, it can be cleaned with a wet mop. Most other laminate floors can only be cleaned with a dry mop.

The AtroGuard core not only provides resistance against moisture; it also provides resistance against heavy foot traffic. In busy homes and even commercial areas, the laminate planks will never collapse. Furthermore, with the core, Alki laminate is approved for radiant heat hydro systems.

Alki laminate is installed using the TightLock system. The planks are tightly interlocked together, and this eliminates seams where moisture or dust can potentially reach the subfloor. Harmful mold and mildew will therefore not be an issue. Also, the TightLock installation is considered permanent.

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